Purpose Statement:

Clearflight Aviation exists primarily to offer flight instruction to those with a passion to use aviation to serve people in need.

  • Medical: Evacuation, or on site care.
  • Support: Supplies and human resources.
  • Transportation: Safe fast travel in areas with limited infrastructure.


From the very earliest days of our ministry, aviation has played an important role. A small team of dedicated, missionaries and pilots carried missionaries and supplies to the Caribbean.

The Instructor:

Jim Howard (CFII, MEI) is a certified flight instructor for single and multi-engine airplanes. He is  a veteran missionary, who loves to share his passion for missions and aviation to students  who want to fulfill their dream of flying!


1982 Cessna Skyhawk

Our training aircraft is a 1982 Cessna Skyhawk. This airplane is certified for private, Instrument and the majority of commercial training

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